237131_A2_WEEK 8_22/09/2016

Westra, Ann. “from Washday at the pa.” 1964. Photography. Te Papa Tongarewa.

European photographer Ann Westra, took “from Washday at the pa” with the intention of observing day to day life as she traveled through  rural areas of New Zealand (Art New Zealand). The photographs were later used in Te Ao Hou,a book used in primary school across New Zealand in the 60’s and 70’s. These photographs were the only representation of rural Maori in Te Ao Hou and were criticised that they could create an false perception among Pakeha children about what life was like for Maori before many came to the cities. This was especially destructive as when the book was being circulated Maori migration to the cities was at its peak, with approximately 64% of the Maori population in urban areas.


Works Cited:

Art New Zealand. “The Eye of an Outsider: A Conversation with Ans Westra.” Art New Zealand. Art New Zealand, 2001. Web. 24 Sept. 2016.


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