Connectivity/Globalization: The increased availability of people and ideas in the world to one and other. We are more able to connect and share with people across the world our beliefs ideas and perspectives than ever before.

Visual text: An ‘image’ that has certain connotations behind, that we can associate meaning to an image. (Mirzoeff 11)

Context: The circumstances surrounding an idea or image so that it can be fully understood and put in relation to other factors at the time/place. (Clarke 25)

World view in relation to audience:  The way an idea is presented/ interpreted depending on what audience is viewing the information. (Ruszkiewicz 14)

Anthropocene era: The new human era, the past 12,000 years that our modern age is in, it is the approximate time when human activities began to impact the environment.

The 6th mass extinction of living things: The rapid extinction of living species largely due to human causes happening at the moment, in the Anthropocene era.

Pesticide DDT: A colourless insecticide that kills on contact and was partly responsible for the rapid reduction of bird populations throughout the US. Stands for dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.

Ideology: The ideas that form our understanding of the world and make our cultural/ political ideas etc seem normal.